Because it is so cold outside that we can't ride today (temperatures are ranging from -18℃ to -26℃) I decided to cheer myself up with some window shopping! And this has lead to a pretty impressive long list of horse stuff, mainly saddle pads and matching bandages and some woolen rugs.

HV Polo Black Harvard Set with matching black bandages £78.00

HV Polo Fly veil (black) £25.00

Euro-Star Ebony Excellent set with matching bandages £83.00

Euro-Star Umber Fly Veil £25.00

Both of these sets are from the amazing site Fur Feather Meds - a family run company that is dedicated to provide matching, coordinated outfits for competitive prices.

And because it really is super cold outside, I've been checking out woolen rugs because these really are comfortable and soft and do keep the horses warm even when the temperatures drop way way below freezing!

These two woolen rugs from Veljekset Wahlsten look just amazingly warm, especially the full neck one which would so good for walking and warming up!

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