Life at home on the farm

No I don't live on a farm but we do have our four horses stabled at home, which means that we are more tied to our horses than if they were stabled at a livery yard. Because of this, our family has the most wonderful horse-related bonding moments ever.

I'm sure a normal non-horsey family has family nights together where they don't go and pick up hay from their hay supplier. And I'm sure they don't struggle to get all of the hay inside their trailer and due to a slight miscalculation, don't end up having to put four hay bales inside the car! And they also don't end up nearly crashing with this trailer load of hay, resulting in lots of screaming and hearts racing!

 Life at home also means that whenever your brother comes to visit, you must make him do all the dirty work, such as trying to clear away the snow from the outdoor arena! Luckily Tommi loves to do work with our mini-tractor so persuading him to visit isn't particularly difficult. Unfortunately this time Tommi tipped most of the snow on himself! Ahh, sisterly love, but it was the best moment of my week.

Having horses at home can also lead you to start to realize how the little odd things can cheer you up. When I broke my old fork dad bought me a pink one. And how a pink fork head can a person so happy is beyond me!

 A delivery from UK is also as if Christmas had arrived early... Polos, glucosamine and other great British necessities arrived and both the horses and us were over the moon!
Basse and his new Supalyx
And one of the worst things is having to deal with incredibly wet and dirty rugs that you have to take off, and then end up being covered in the muddy sand. Ergh, the only thing I hate about spring is how Vallu and the others manage to get their rugs absolutely covered in sand/mud/wet poo every single day.... Today was the first day that Vallu has managed to roll around (paddock has been covered in hard ice for the last six weeks and thanks to the recent rain and warm weather we now have soggy sand paddock. Very happy horses and not so happy owners!)

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