Val De Mar

Val De Mar (also known as Vallu, Heart Attack Horse (HAH) and His Royal Highness)
2002 FWB gelding
Willburt x Rex 673
178cm (17.3hh)

Owner: Anu Rantanen
Breeder: Ismo Saarinen

Vallu is the most amazing horse that I have ever had the pleasure to ride. He is super talented and has been very well trained up to PSG/Inter I level by Henri. He knows all the fancy moves: flying change tempis, half pass, shoulder-in and leg yield in trot and canter, canter pirouettes and piaffe. Although he is a big mover and talented, he is also a very spooky horse who is very sensitive/a bit of a twat  and this can make it pretty difficult to ride him for an amateur like me. However,  he is the perfect schoolmaster for me and I think I am very privileged to have a horse like him ♥︎ I have gained so much knowledge and skills in the last four years from riding this horse that I will be eternally grateful to him.

He was originally bought as a new horse for my mother, but he was too big/scary/quick for her and luckily my parents were willing to give the ride over to me. A rather quirky horse with a huge personality and a wicked sense of humour, there isn't a day where he doesn't make me laugh. We have been through two different front leg injuries, but here's hoping that we might finally make it to a competition during 2017, but if not this will not be the end of the world as just getting to spend time with him and having the pleasure to ride this horse every day is a luxury for me.

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