Trends to watch out for: PS of Sweden SS19 collection

It looks like spring is on it's way...! 🌿🌷 That is all I could think of when I saw the video PS of Sweden posted on their social media channels and we finally saw the new colours in real life, not just teased on their Instagram stories with a very heavy filter on! Pinks, blues and greens make up PS of Sweden's latest collection and I adore it, so let's take a closer look at their new collection ⤵️
The new colors from the PS of Sweden for their SS19 collection are: seagrass, minimal grey, rose and citadel ☀️🌸 I've already pre-ordered the blue, but I actually like all of the other colours too, especially the grey. There are three more colours to be released later on (next month I believe) which are the darker versions of the blue, green and pink colours. But this first lot is a beautiful pastel group which just screams spring at me! πŸ’ I know some people aren't fans of the beige/white binding but the more I look at these photos the more I'm getting used to it. I mean I'd prefer the binding to be the same colour as the pad, but looking back at their collections it looks like they're now sticking with a brown binding in the AW collections and a beige binding in the SS collections. What I'm very curious to find out is what the inspirational quotes along the spine will be!
Also lets give points to PS of Sweden who have done a wonderful job of sharing photos from the photoshoot on their Instagram page and their Instagram stories, so if you're not already following them I would highly recommend it - it means you'll be kept up to date with the latest releases and lots of very nice photos. πŸ“Έ


Centaur 4 Bar ECO rug dryer

Although we were fortunate enough to build and design our own brand new barn for the horses when we moved over here in July last year, what we didn't anticipate was needing a lot more space for drying rugs... We have our storage room, the tack room as well as the rug rack outside the storage room but after 3 or 4 consecutive days of torrential rain, we really struggled to get the turnout rugs to properly dry out! ☔️🌧 After several weeks of grumbling and moaning with a nearly constant 95% humidity inside the barn and all the wet rugs taking over the entire barn, we decided to invest in a rug dryer after seeing posts about it on Facebook, and ended up buying the Centaur 4 bar ECO rug dryer just before Christmas.
We went for the four bar dryer which is best for people with 4 to 8 horses. Centaur claims that the dryer has the power to dry rugs which are soaking wet in just four hours, so that it's possible to dry two sets of rugs each day. And according to their website, its running costs average £0.04 per hour, which will obviously add up to be expensive if you use it all day every day, but so far we've needed it  only twice or three times a week for 5+ wet (but not soaked through) rugs. What really sold this particular product for us is the fact that it's fully portable and it can easily be manoeuvred from place to place - ours is out in the aisle during the day and locked in the storage room over night - even though the 4 rug dryer weighs 43 kilograms! It's very easy to move around, I move it every day when sweeping the aisle and have never struggled moving it, even when it has four wet rugs on it.


#ROOTD: sparkles

Sparkles ahoy! πŸ’« If there's something that can cheer me up on a grey and cloudy winter Monday, then it's definitely sparkles! It's been a while since my last #rootd blog post, but I thought now that the SS19 collections are on their way, I should really get back into these posts and hopefully inspire others to go and sparkle with their horses into the arena. As much as I love my bright colours, in winter I find myself really digging darker colours that won't show up mud and dust so easily, which is why I absolutely adore this soft sweatshirt from Kingsland with glitter threads pulled through it to give a subtle sparkle. I got it as a Christmas present and then realised how well it would go with Anky's blue water drop pad (which I promptly purchased, haha!) 🌠🌌 The black boots make it into such a lovely smart outfit that you can chuck on fast when you're pushed for time and need to get ready quickly. I'm also wearing my trusty Roeckl Lara gloves which also have a tiny bit of glitter on, just to complete the look.
 Saddle pad: Anky blue waterdrop
Boots: Le Mieux Fleece Brushing Boots black croc effect
Over reach boots: Eskadron Platinum black 
Top:  Kingsland navy sweater
Breeches: Pikeur Gia leggings


Rydale Wansford II hooded gilet review

Having purchased several knitted jumpers from Rydale for myself this autumn and then several others as Christmas presents for family members this year, I was over the moon to receive an email from the guys at Rydale about teaming up to feature their products in the form of a product review on my blog. It's amazing to think that companies are wanting me to highlight their beautiful products ⭐️
But back to the product itself! The Wansford II hooded gilet is warm and padded with panel stitching, it is suitable for all seasons. It's stylish, offering a flattering shape and with it's generous padding you are guaranteed to stay warm - I have worn it most days since receiving it and my goodness do I love it ❣️BTW, the hood is detachable so if you're like me and hate the hood bouncing whilst you ride, you're able to take it off. Surprisingly when riding in this gilet I've honestly not noticed the hood because of the padding in the hood keeping it pretty much totally still! Unlike other brands who save pennies by not putting any padding in the hood itself, it feels like Rydale have put in the same amount of padding in the hood as in the rest of the gilet πŸ‘πŸ» And when lunging in the rain, the hood has been cut so well so that it is big enough to keep you dry!
Each gilet has been carefully designed with contrasting trims with really lovely metallic detailing and embroidery. It honestly looks and feels like a product from those very high end and expensive equestrian companies where half of the price tag comes just from branding. But Rydale has kept it's pricing very reasonable, so that this gilet is just £50, and they have others in the sale for just £20 (my mum has just bought one and more jumpers for us!)

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