Just another day...

Because nothing has really been happening, I took some photos of our little ponies today!  As you can see from the background, we have had a ridiculous amount of snow recently, at least another 20cm in the last couple of days. This has also been combined with temperatures of +1c, it means we have had lots of snow falling off the roofs, resulting in a group of very jumpy horses. Luckily the snow hasn't melted enough to fall off from the indoor school roof yet, so we can still ride in safety without having to constantly worry about the horses' reactions when this happens!

Today, however, Basse has managed to hurt himself again. This time he has galloping around in the snow, resulting in three small superficial wounds on his front left leg! Nothing too bad this time but after a couple of hours the area was quite warm and a little bit swollen, but hopefully it will go down tomorrow when he is out in the snow again. At least he didn't manage to get a shoe off or anything else more serious!

Next week should be more interesting because more things are happening... On Monday, mother and I have another Method Putkisto Pilates class to go to, and on Wednesday, I have another lesson with Karita.

From left to right: Vallu, Nelli and Basse

Rama and Vallu
Ramazzotti in black and white

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