Summer stuff

A family of swallows have decided to make a home in the air vent hole in our stables, so unfortunately we had to cover up the hole with a net.

 I just had to take this picture of Basse, who was quite happy to stand still even with the step ladders in his stable. This is what it means to have a horse that trusts you!
The end result
Due to the awful amount of annoying flies and horse flies, Vallu and Rama got new fly rugs today to try to let them enjoy the sunshine and being outside in the paddocks a bit more. Tomorrow we'll see how well the rugs will last. Vallu's rug fits him really well everywhere apart from the neck piece which is way too short! Major design fault, no horse in the world has such a small, thin neck so that this neck piece would fit them... Oh well, lots of flyspray will be sprayed there, so fingers crossed. At least they will have some protection now.

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