We were in Germany... Once again!

(This was just a quick update from my phone, I have no proper internet access until I'm back in Finland!!) 

Vallu arrived in Germany on Wednesday evening just as I was driving onto the ferry in Hull, getting ready for a 12 hour boat ride to Rotterdam, from where I'd have to drive for 3 hours to get to Krefeld, Germany! Luckily the transport company had called one of the girls here early enough so that they were prepared for him.

I got here Thursday around midday (after having an unfortunate 30 minute drive totally lost around the center of Krefeld after missing the junction) and was greeted by a very fresh and happy horse. He'd been on the walker in the morning and has just been shod as well, so he was sporting brand new shoes. I'm so happy that Vallu is in such good spirits, he travelled so well to Germany.  I just hope he travels as well from here to Finland. Unfortunately even though it was agreed that Vallu would be picked up on Saturday 29th, it's now been pushed back so that he'll stay here until Friday of next week, and be back in Finland on Sunday :( 

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