Poorly Vallu

Last night when we went to do the evening stables, when I went to check up on Vallu immediately you could see that his left hind leg was more of a tree trunk than a leg. You could not see any of the normal structure, it was just full of fluid and incredibly hot, and it looked like it could burst due to the pressure at any moment...

After one very quick phone call to mum, we decided to start walking him (in the pouring rain, outside...) and the swelling went down incredibly quickly? Rather weird, but I was happy that only after walking for ten minutes, it was starting to resemble some form of a leg! But no, after standing still staring at his leg and starting to clean the leg, it was already swollen. Bugger! More walking helped, but every time we stopped it became swollen again.

Today Vallu's leg has been slightly better, even after the night it wasn't as badly swollen. Huge sigh of relief. It seems applying pressure on it helps, so he is now wearing stable bandages in the night as well as during the day, and when he is outside, I've put boots on his hind legs and it appears to be working. Yay! And he also started an antibiotic course today, so hopefully he will be on the mend soon. It's always so sad that when everything is going superbly well that something like this happens. Luckily it is nothing more serious (yet) and fingers crossed we have a healthy Vallu soon!

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