Meeting friends and horses

The weather...
This week I had one of the funniest days in a long time, meeting Lili and her herd of horses. The weather really wasn't on our side, after only 15 minutes of Lili riding her horse, we got thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour, so I ended up looking like a drowned rat! I should have known that the weather would not stay good, it's just my luck that during the one day when we both have time that the weather will be disgusting.
Unicorn ♥︎
Lili is the wonderful person who owns Fur Feather Meds, and I'm incredibly fortunate to have her as a friend. (My student bank account hates that she owns FFM where all kinds of beautiful totally necessary horsey stuff is) I love how she rides, and her way with horses. I first noticed her and her little super unicorn Paddy when they were competing Advanced Medium at Vale View, and I totally fell in love with the unicorn. This is one of the things I love about dressage in England, you can be successful at advanced level dressage on a Connemara pony that wasn't bred for dressage. In Finland this would never happen (maybe sometime in the future, like in a hundred years...) He's such a clever pony who would do absolutely anything for his rider. Last year when I saw them for the first time you could immediately see their bond and partnership, and I remember saying to the girls on the yard that I wanted a bond like that with Vallu. Such an inspiration for me!
Fons super horse who only I can take a bad photo of :D
Kiki - my favourite because he's so like Vallu
 Last year Lili got an awesome young stallion Fons, and she has made amazing progress with him. It's been so interesting following their journey together, and I was very proud when I was watching her ride in the outdoor arena (which is on top of a massive hill) even though the weather was awful. We did escape back indoors when the thunder and lightning started, but to be able to have a calm, relaxed 4 year old stallion outdoors during appalling weather is something that I am very impressed with!
Sparkly pink bandages! (MUCHLY NEEDED)
The sausage ♥︎
Matchy dressage girl's dreams ♥︎
And OMG, look at her collection of saddle pads and bandages! I'm not jealous at all... Oh dear Lordy, how I wish I could have a collection like that! That is what happens when you own an equestrian matchy matchy shop that sells only super pretty stuff :D

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