Dressage lesson with Brooksby Dressage: Back to work

There is no one else that I would have rather have had our first lesson back than with than Brooksby Dressage. I was so nervous beforehand, and afterwards realised how rusty I am! Shocking how many bad habits have crept back in, I need a proper boot camp session to get everything back under control.

Three things. Short reins(!) hands very still with active fingers, and suppleness.
"You cross your legs like dis..."
Warm up was once again on my favourite 3/4 line. You cannot hide anywhere and you have to have the shoulders under control, and your hands and legs have to be coordinated.

The left canter felt just so awkward, I felt like I can't sit properly to it without making him do a flying change. After 5 minutes it got lots better, so it might just have to be something that will come back to me the more I have lessons. And today when I attempted it again it was much easier but still, I must work on this because the right canter is no problem,  the canter flows better and I find it nicer to sit to. On both reins the horse must be 100% straight, and I must focus on not flexing/bending him to the inside in the corners - he can do a corner without his outside shoulder escaping!
"And then dis way..."
Because we only wanted to do a maximum of 30 minutes of work to make sure it wasn't too much for Vallu, we only worked on one exercise which was: trot down the centreline, turning with outside rein and leg. Straight for a few strides, then start leg yielding to the edge (either E or B), then change to half pass then back to leg yield. This gets both the shoulders under control and hind end active. And having to change between leg yielding and half passing for me is a massive brain work out.

Just look at his little ears and his knee action! <3

Next mini lesson on Tuesday! Luckily Vallu is being clipped Monday night so hopefully it won't take me three hours to get him to dry after a lesson again.

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