5 weeks done!

Somehow, we have managed to already pass the 5 weeks mark! Vallu ended up doing an extra two weeks of box rest because of the atrocious winter weather, which I'm sure the vet would have been more than happy to know about :D and I'm sure it was good for his leg, just not good for me or anyone else who had to deal with extra craycray Vallu... After that he's been allowed turn out in the mornings for a few hours (in his extra small paddock!) and this week we are on 30 minutes of walking in the afternoons. His leg hasn't suddenly started looking any worse after being turned out thank goodness, so everyone is a lot happier and calmer. It also means Vallu has a much nicer daily routine which has made a big difference in him, he has really chilled out and settled down :)

5 out of 12 weeks is nearly half way there - fingers crossed!! 

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