Fun with Rama

 Our competition went much better than last time! Big improvement considering that he didn't spook at the judge, he didn't stare at the people in the stand and he behaved super well at home before the competition and he travelled really well. Even though he was hyped up in the warm-up, he still behaved nicely and didn't become too hot.
The only problem arrives after our first halt and salute. Rama suddenly gets a huge adrenaline rush and becomes pretty hot, so it feels like he is going to explode underneath me. I'm used to this feeling with Vallu, but when Rama does it to me, I feel totally lost because I'm not used to it with him. Unfortunately this means that we make lots of silly mistakes (e.g rein-back → trot becomes rein-back → canter) and he anticipates transitions. Oh well, this just means we need more practice and I need to get my act together and keep cool and collected during the test and remember to use tiny tiny aids so that Rama has no reason to overreact, make mistakes and lose points.

I'm hoping to go to another competition later this month, but it takes a lot of organization to be able to leave for a competition, so we'll see when our next one is.

And a big thank you to mum and dad as well as Satu who helped with the morning stables, my hair and was my groom at the competition. 

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