Competition time!

Tomorrow Rama and I have our second competition! We are going to a small competition really close by (a 20 minute drive) at a very nice place and I'm looking forward to it. Both my parents are coming there for support, dad is the our appointed driver and mother will make sure that we look good! I'm also really fortunate to have Satu come with us, and she has also been super kind and promised to help me out for the entire day! Thank you so much already! 

Rama and I have been training hard, and I have had a lot of help from our neighbor Sanna who owns the riding school with my posture and seat. She has managed to make riding comfortable again, so that sitting trot doesn't hurt my back and I'm now able to influence both Vallu and Rama's canter much more. Unfortunately this new position is making me use different muscles that are now incredibly sore! Hopefully I can keep myself together at the competition and not fall back into my old uncomfortable position.
Summer is here! ♥

All of the ponies are now going out for 1-2 hours a day on grass and they are loving it! Because it has been so hot here (+30C) they have only been out for about 4 hours because at midday it simply becomes too hot for them to be outside, since the stables are cooler.

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