Vallu's progress

For the last week Vallu and I have been working on leg-yields and shoulder-ins as well as attempting some flying changes!
This was our second time riding in a double bridle after his holiday, and he felt really good! Looking at the video I can see that he needs to come higher and I need to push his nose more forwards (he's very prone to going behind the bit) but it felt like we'd reached another major milestone. The shoulder-in in trot and canter went quite well, although we need to work a bit on the left canter shoulder-in to try to get him to stay more in rhythm and less tense. And during the flying changes Vallu became a bit hot and over-excited and once again it felt like I was sitting on a ticking time bomb! The change from right to left needs to be worked on as he pushes his hind out to the side, but I think all of the left to right changes were nice, big and clean.

On Tuesday, our chiropractor Erika Torronen checked him over and opened him up in a few places, especially his shoulders (but more so the right one) She gave me several exercises for 'homework' so that I can try to help Vallu's muscles stay good. I lunged him after Erika had worked her magic on him and he looked good!

Vallu has also been going for a walk in the woods twice, and has been such a good boy with no major spooking and both of us were able to relax! (Minor miracle...) He really enjoyed it, and I think it will be very good for him to do quite a bit of walking there since his walk improves massively - I think he pays more attention instead of just daydreaming like normally.

On Friday I have my first lesson on Vallu since forever! Sanna luckily has some time in her schedule to teach me, and I'm so excited because I know that she will be able to give me new ideas to think about regarding my seat and posture. It has been way too long since I have had lessons that have focussed more on me than on my horse, and I think it's super important to have these kind of check-up lessons every so often to ensure that you are still sitting correctly, and able to use your seat the best way possible.

On 30th June there is a practise competition at Vihti Dressage Center (rataharjoitukset) with VaB:0 (a medium level test) that I would love to take Vallu to. This place has really great indoor and outdoor arenas, it's close by to us (not a two hour drive like normal) and since it's not an actual competition there would be no pressure which makes it the ideal starting place. But we will see how he looks and feels, I have no rush to take him out if he isn't ready.

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