The fat pony returns

After Vallu's freak accident (which you can read about here) he has now finally started coming back into work. Although his left canter is still a little weak, the rest of him is starting to feel and look normal, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I can have my first lesson with him.
Vallu has been extremely brave when I ride him on our own arena and as cars goes past he doesn't spook. Even when the enormous trucks drive past us, he hasn't reacted to them at all. This is a huge improvement considering that last autumn I couldn't even lunge him on the arena without it ending in a catastrophe.
On Sunday I lunged him and for the first time in a long long time he looked absolutely fantastic. There was hardly any difference in the movement of his left foreleg and right foreleg. His trot was very bouncy and even his canter started to look good. I'm really happy with how much he is progressing towards becoming healthy again, and I hope that we don't have any more crazy accidents for some time...
Next week I can start training him properly, so leg yield, half-pass and shoulder-in are what we are going to focus on for some time. I also hope that soon Vallu will be relaxed enough so that we can go for a small hack round the woods!

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