Summer is here...

Nelli and Rama have been exercising by going out to trot + gallop in the woods recently. Rama has finally learned that you don't have to do a collected pirouette canter and that you can actually go pretty fast forwards. I don't believe that he has been hacked out a  lot with his previous owners, and I'm very happy with how calm and sensible he is when we're out. I've taught him to slow down from a gallop to walk by giving lots of pats and using my voice, so that you don't have to pull on the reins. 
Rama's new green matching Eskadron set ♥

Even Vallu has managed to go out for a walk in the woods, once in hand and the other with me riding! Super brave boy, we were able to walk past the scary wood piles and had no major spooks! Finally, we might be able to start enjoying summer.
Vallu realised that it was safe to be in the woods
because there's so much to eat!
Ever since Vallu started coming back into work, I've been lunging once or twice a week in order to be able to see how he is moving. The last couple of times that I've lunged him, even my paranoid mind has started to see that he is moving very well, and that there is hardly any difference between his front legs in the way that he moves (e.g. both front legs take the same length step)

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