What a difference!

TGIF!! I love my weekends, where I get to spend extra time with Vallu. Even during the week I try not to rush when I'm at the yard, but I know I still do, but on the weekend I so slow at getting everything done, but that's okay! 
 But seriously, what a difference in Vallu between Monday and today. Oh wow, I love making progress with horses.

Tonight we worked like we have been for the last few days. For me, this means soft hands that stay still, and for Vallu this means going forwards whilst being soft and flexible throughout the body. Everyday it seems to be getting easier, so I've come to the conclusion that continuity is key. We were flying around the indoor arena tonight!
Warming up included a long walk on a free rein, in both directions. Does anyone else seem to always ride their warm up walk in one direction? Lots of leg yield later, we moved into trot on a circle, getting Vallu to give in and be soft through his neck, and once it was good in one rein, then changing to the other rein, so in the end it became a figure of eight. 

One of the exercises set as part of our homework was leg yields and half passes in trot and canter. As the trot work is becoming stronger, and easier for both of us, I decided to start practicing them in canter. It's not like we haven't ever done half pass or leg yield in canter, but now, after the lesson, I can really feel when and how Vallu struggles in them and I can try to help him. It's amazing, it's like suddenly there's a much better connection between him and me.

After some canter work (we can still do flying changes - yay!) went back to trot to try and work on it a bit more. We finished on the best medium trots that I've ever managed to ride, and if I die now, I will die a very very happy girl.
Blurry photo; but happy rider + horse

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