Little sales gems!

The summer sales have been going on for a while now, and when we visited Horze we managed to pick up a few good deals!

Horze Natalia women's technical jacket
Detailing on the sleeve
Never have I looked so much towards  autumn/winter than now. This beautiful Horze technical jacket was a great steal with 40% off! It's waterproof and supposedly breatheable too, but we'll have to test it once it starts to get colder again. I already have a Horze technical jacket, but it isn't properly waterproof, so I needed - hmm... read wanted ;) - a proper rainy day jacket. Horze is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands for riding clothes, I have several shirts and the jacket and I've been very impressed with their quality and longevity.
Detailing on the pocket

Esperada competition jacket
 I've been on the hunt for a new competition jacket ever since I got my new helmet, because I changed from my old navy Charles Owen to my new black and sparkly riding hat. I was thinking about getting one of Pikeur's new jackets, but they are all so short! Why isn't Pikeur doing a new nice fancy jackets that are long like the Pikeur Diana? Anyway, I found this great little piece in the sale, and although it hasn't got a lot of detailing that I crave for, I did really like the detailing of the pockets and the little bit that is covered in sparkles :)

Roeckl competition gloves
And to go with the upgrade of my competition wardrobe, I picked up a new pair of the good old classic Roeckl grip gloves. Who doesn't love these? I am very old fashioned in my choice of gloves, and think that these gloves will always be great. Roeckl gloves have always, and more than likely will always be a firm favourite of mine. I can't remember the last time that I wore a pair of riding gloves that weren't Roeckl!

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