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I've been following Viva Carlos for a long time now, and I've been checking out all the blogs that do these wonderful blog hops so when this topic came up, I decided that I wanted to do this as well.
"Certainly we need great movers and powerful jumpers, but above all we need a partner, not a slave. We need horses who are supremely courageous, fiercely independent and phenomenally agile. Find such a horse and treasure him. Teach him that you will trust him with your life. Give him the education he will need and sit quietly while he does the job you have very skillfully and very patiently taught him. He won't let you down. We owe all this and more to horses." - Jim Wofford.
Vallu with Ville in Oct' 2011
Viva Carlos asked what made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?
Since mum bought him and not me, I'll have to explain her reason first - before going into why I whined for ages for my parents to not sell him, and to let me keep him and learn to ride on him. Vallu was at Henri's yard in Germany for training and to be sold, and once he had trained Vallu for 6 weeks he'd decided that this could be the horse that mum had been looking for. Mum was looking for a small, nice moving, pretty mare, and she ended up buying a huge big moving handsome gelding. Unfortunately he was too spooky and mum didn't feel safe enough with him.
As for me, what 18 year old wouldn't want a fancy posh horse to ride and learn from?! He could do all these fancy moves, and I'm a sucker for beautiful and talented dressage horses! And also, he was such a poor chap, he needed tons of TLC and I felt like I was the one who could bring him out of his shell and prove to him that humans do love him. Now looking back, I think he might have been too much for me to begin with, but I've never been one to go for an easy horse. Nahh, me I love a challenge! :D And I am so glad that I did, he's the best horse I will possibly ever have to ride.

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