Real princesses don't kiss toads

As you can see, finally a new banner and some long overdue changes to the blog :) I really want to get a professional on the job and get them to back the blog all fancy, but right now I'm happy with this. Thought wouldn't it be lovely to be able to use Photoshop properly (I made my banner with PicMonkey after my laptop lost the banner I'd spent hours making with GIMP...) and to be able to do HTML properly. Oh well, I like this for now :)
My lovely friend Hannah came and took some photos of us on Saturday! I'm so blessed to have such nice people around me, who even though are non-horsey, they are willing to come up to the stables and take photos and spend hours with me and Vallu.

Real princesses don't kiss toads

These three photos were taken one after another and made me burst out laughing when I saw them. You can really see Vallu going "sugar?" to "sugar?????" to "SUGAR!" He has such a lovely expressive face.

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