December Goals/November Analysis


Be good during AF lesson - he was a good boy even though he wasn't feeling too good, you can read about it here
Get new saddle - still not here, coming next week!!! :)
Continue being relaxed whilst hacking out every week - Been super good, and also SOLO HACKS woop woop
Continue the work in progress of riding in the outdoor arenas - slowly but surely getting there, a lot less spooking, this is possibly helped by the fact the he is being lunged weekly in the outdoor arena and he has to deal with everything without me being all tense 

Survive two essays, two group projects, and another essay thats due in later on top of my weekly reading lists and seminar questions - STILL ALIVE
Go home for an extended weekend trip ♥︎ - Love it. You can read about my trip to Finland here
Get new banner done, and think about changing background colours etc for blog - Done! With like one day to spare, and wouldn't have been done unless I'd set it for my November goals.

Such a normal horse...
Once again, be good during AF lesson
Continue working in the outdoor arena and hopefully progress again
Work on getting continuous softness through all movements in trot work with a more collected outline e.g. our show trot in preparation for competing in Jan/Feb

Survive Christmas and not gain too much weight
Survive being away from Vallu for TEN days at Christmas
Meet up with all horsey people in Finland (might be a challenge)
Get someone to take riding photos !
Sometimes we struggle to get good photos :D

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