And I mean proper hacking, like on bridle paths and around fields, across a wooden bridge and through puddles - although admittedly we went through brambles and hedges instead of having to go in the puddle. But very nearly like proper normal horses do! I'm very proud of Vallu, his attitude to everything new and/or scary was to stop and look at it and then carry on. No tanking off, spinning or leaping sideways. A very grown up attitude which I am so happy is starting to come through, soon we can extend the hack to include a bit of road work (which we are already good at from our time at Vale View) so that in the end we can go out for 1.5-2hour hacks. He really deserves to go out for a wander when he is working so well at the minute, it is nothing but good for his brain and as long as he is brave enough and it is safe for us and the people/horses we hack out with, I can't wait to do this again :)

 For these photos last week we also had a first, of trotting and cantering along the fields - and once again he was perfectly well behaved. I really think that this horse just needed someone to prove to him that they love him and want the best for him, and now that he has "his human" and is learning to trust me 100% I think he's ready to let me take charge and trust me ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Vallu using the opportunity well ;)

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