Back in England with my baby ♥︎
(La Valencio saddle pad, Eskadron navy bandages and Eskadron white overreach boots, all from Fur Feather Meds)
I had a lovely time at home, got to catch up with our family friends and spent ages just cuddling the dogs. Such a good few days. I also managed to ride both Basse and Rama, who both felt great. It's really nice to be able to ride different horses, it really makes you appreciate and understand how each horse is different, and how you have to ride each one differently. 
How Basse likes to eat his hay :D
My favourite mini 
This month is going to be busy as alongside our normal training, we have the farrier, physio and dentist coming. Also our family friend Ritu (Waris Worlin Photography) is coming over to visit me and Vallu, so we'll be getting some awesome photos again soon! She's responsible for the fantastic photos of us over the last few years, so I'm very excited to have her coming over here.

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