What does your horse's week look like?

Turn out 8-11am
No riding because I was greeted by one very sleepy pony
Just light lunge with just a headcollar on, and a good long grooming session
Lots of kisses and cuddles
Turn out 8-11am
I had a very long and busy day at university, so ended up doing just a light ride where all I wanted was that he was flexible, soft and working through his back. Lots of big circles, alternating between 20m and 15m circles to make sure that he really listened to my seat and legs. 
Vallu was in a very cheeky mood, I really love him when he's feeling happy ♥︎

Turn out am
Riding in the afternoon with walking along fields as a warm up - which was very scary ;) The ducks on the pond kept taking off and flying and making noises and it was all very very exciting...
Then proper riding session and we worked hard. With two days off proper work, Vallu's brain needed to be exercised. Played with trot and canter shoulder-in, and leg yields. For the last five minutes I decided to work on the sitting trot, and as long as Vallu stays in front of my leg, sitting to his trot is not too difficult.
Turn out am
Another proper riding session, this time working on half pass in both trot and canter to get the full diagonal flowing nicely. After my first Brooksby lesson (read here) I've changed our warm up to just basically just doing on proper working trot and cater on the 3/4 line, and this seems to have really helped me to straighten Vallu, and to also engage his hind legs properly - and all of this has helped with the half passes.
He likes his window :D
Turn out am
Since Wednesday and Thursday were both hard work, I decided that Vallu deserved to have an easy day, but I didn't want to give him another day off so I tacked up and headed out riding around the fields and a walk up and down the drive with one of our stable mates. It took a good 35 mins, and we both had very relaxed and happy ponies.
So much love for this view ♥︎
Turn out 9-11am
Proper training session, and Vallu got properly sweaty. 
Focused on going forwards and straightness in canter, especially on the left. Again, we warmed up using the 3/4 lines and finally managed to get to a really straight left canter, with Vallu letting me flex his neck without him doing a flying change. Also I wanted to sharpen and improve the quality of the canter, so used the short side to collect and make Vallu really sit on his hind quarters and then extend down the long side... And not using my rein aids at all to slow down at the end, only my seat and my voice to reduce how much I rely on my hands. A really good exercise, and it resulted in getting  a fantastic set of 4 and 3 tempis. Good pony.
New AMAZING saddle pad from FFM
No turnout, the weather was too bad and the fields were just too soggy so decided to ride in the morning for a change. I warmed up for another stable friend to try riding him for when I am away back home. I haven't seen anyone riding Vallu for about a year, and my god his trot has improved - I have seen it in videos and photos but to see it in real life is so cool. Such a proud momma. After ten minutes of testing his new rider, Vallu settled down and was a very good boy. He's gonna be fine whilst I'm away, he has good people looking after him :) In the afternoon, he went on the horse walker for a good 30 minutes just to stretch his legs after his lunchtime nap.

Normally we would have one day for lunging but because I'm back home this week I wanted to work him a bit more so that he can chill whilst I'm gone. 

But more about you guys. What does your horse's week look like?

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