Playing photographer

On Saturday I got the chance to get back into my favourite hobby, of pretending to be an equine photographer :D Two of our yard friends were going out another yard where a jump course had been set up, just to get the horses out of the yard and jumping in a new place, one that was a bit scary and outdoors. I of course tagged along because 1. it was sunny 2. I love taking photos of horses 3. I definitely need to improve my jumping photo skills. I had a whale of a time shouting "shut up and ride pretty" and "smile even though you're petrified" I may need to work on my people skills too ;) Both ponies were superb and very well behaved, and my good old camera worked well enough, considering the constant change from cloudy to really sunny every ten seconds... Fingers crossed for more chances to get to go out and take photos :)



Turning left in the jump
Jumping at an angle 

What jumpers look like that the end of the riding session ;)
Yes he is carrying the whip

My absolute favourite shot of the day ♥︎

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