Introducing La Valencio with Fur Feather Meds

Fur Feather Meds asked me a while ago if I would be interested in testing out and reviewing a new brand they had picked up for SS15, and of course I said yes! I really love FFM, it's a family owned and run online shop that understands what riders need, want and love. Every brand is tested and tried first before being sold to make sure that the quality is good enough - Lili won't sell something that she wouldn't recommend. It's nice to meet a person who actually cares about the customers, and who wants the best for everyone.

The two things I received were the Dymke polo shirt in royal blue and the Colin dressage saddle pad. The saddle pad has two lovely braids around the edge, a dark navy and a lighter bright blue of which the lighter one is a very close match to the shirt. The Colin pad is AW14 but available from FFM and £33, and the shirt is SS15 and £29.

I will blog again once I've used this more, and washed it in order to review it properly. But at the moment, it looks fantastic. I can pair it with white bandages for competitions/training sessions to look ultra smart, or then with navy bandages for a more day to day look - like in these photos. It's about the same thickness as the Esky cotton pads (or a smidgeon thicker) so if you prefer to have a thinner saddle pad, then this is good for you. I already got lots of compliments for it today,  and people were surprised at the price considering how nice it looks!

The shirt is lovely as well... Really soft, comfortable and well fitting. The detailing on it is great, and I adore the lime green and white contrasting to the cobalt blue. But if you are between sizes e.g between M and L, then go for L. I don't think it is of the same quality as the more expensive brands (Eskadron, HV Polo, Le Miuex etc) but I am pleasantly surprised at just how bloomin' nice it is. And the same goes for the shirt. For that price range, I will be buying a pair of breeches and a jacket from FFM of this brand later on. For anyone who wants a bit of brightness in their riding gear, then I can't recommend this enough. 
All of the SS15 can be ordered through FFM, so get in touch with Lili - either through their Facebook page or their website
Vallu approves :)

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