It's been a busy month!

This is so our colour ♥︎
This is probably one of the longest breaks that I've had from blogging, and purely from simply having had so much to do. I'm moving houses, working and riding and on those rare days off the last thing I want to do is to stay inside and sit by the computer. It has been so nice to have a break, and now I'm ready to get back into it! 

So what's been happening since I've last blogged? I've managed to bag a job, working with some lovely people and horses. The amount of time that I'm spending outside is just what I wanted for this summer. Hellooooo good tan ;)  

Lots of love for this view
 Vallu has been having a bit of an easier time. We had a few bad rides where we didn't really 'gel' together properly, so I decided that having more fun light rides was the right thing to do to get us back on track. Hence why there hasn't been a lot to blog about, all that we've been doing is hacking out (on our own woop woop) doing pole work and a bit of jumping and some light stretchy work to keep him supple. Next month is a busy month with several training sessions, but I am also going home twice. I didn't know it was possible for me to be more busy now that I'm done with university for the summer! :D 

Not a bad work place ;)

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