Working, working...

How do people with full time jobs manage to keep up with their blogs? I only do part time, and I'm struggling with having the energy to blog after having had a full day with work, riding Vallu and then coming home to do dinner and everything else.
Work is so much fun. This job is everything that I wanted, working with horses over the summer. I get to ride and exercise a few horses who are all lovely. I feel like it's so useful for me to be riding other horses than Vallu, especially since they're very different from him. There is no arena since it's mainly a driving yard, so all riding is done on this massive field... Will admit that I was a bit apprehensive when going there for the first time, I seem to really like my arenas. There's also several foals who are the most adorable things ever, who are all for sale so it's very interesting being involved with this.

Candyman ♥︎

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