Playing groom with Brooksby Dressage

On Sunday, I went off to a British Dressage competition at Hargate with Brooksby Dressage. I love going out to support friends, I have blogged many times about my friends' successes at competitions  and how much I adore being able to help out and support my lovely friends. 

Lili was doing her first Elementary outing, and she had two tests to do. She'd only done one unaffiliated Elementary test before this with Fons so when on Saturday she told me was going to go out, I offered to go help out. It's always lovely day out with the Brooksby-Dalby lot, I have a great laugh and I always come back with a big smile on my face no matter what the result and no matter how tired I am. 

The first elementary test was good. Considering how 6 months before Lili had decided to not compete Fons this year and concentrate on his training and de-spooking, it was fantastic. Apart from the complete slutdrop that Fons did after the buzzer went, in the actual test Fons was great. Soft, sweet and listening. A really good first attempt, which resulted in Lili winning the class with 65.6% and a big confidence boost.

The second test Lili hadn't even practised beforehand (we super quickly went through it together in the warm up walking around so she had some idea where to go) and I had to call the test for her. I absolutely detest calling tests for people - I have the biggest fear of messing it up for the rider. But even with some tension in parts of the test and Fons deciding not to know how to rein back, Lili and Fons came 2nd with 66.18%. These were also both on short arenas, and considering how big Fons is he really needs the bigger arena to show his big movements. But those results are amazing for a first attempt! Just image what the results are going to be with more tests under their belts.
I'm so looking forward to seeing what these two end up achieving, this is such a super pair and I am so proud to have been a small part of the team. Way to go Brooko, here's to many more super days out!

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