Bad luck

Well hello there April, please be good to me? (Also how the hell is it already April?! It was just Christmas what feels like a few weeks ago?!)

So I appear to be having the worst possible luck with my boys at the moment. I only managed to be away from Vallu for less than 48 hours in Finland visiting family and horses before I get that dreaded phone call - "Vallu's leg is really swollen and hot". Cue panic, lots of emergency vet calls and amazing friends who stayed with Vallu until the vet came to scan his leg. His fetlock is swollen so we can't really see what is going on, but the original injury higher up is healing well... He is now on 5 day box rest, then carry on hand walking until the 18th April when his 3 month re-scan is due. Hopefully by some miracle he has done nothing bad and that he only needs some more walking. 
Basse has been off work for a month now due to an injury to his straight distal sesamoid ligament, which is why I came home for the week so that I could go to the clinic with him. He is now on turn out and limited hand walk (20-30minutes/day) for 3 months with shockwave therapy, anti-inflammatory meds and regular ultrasound scans. Which is then followed by 3 months of ridden walk work/hacking out and lots of turn out before we re-evaluate in the autumn, and hopefully it will have healed by then :( 
I love his face more than I could ever describe with words

Someone send me good luck please? I feel like I have had my years worth of bad news already in the last 3 months.

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