Hacking and riding and more hacking and riding

"Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them... Your smile, your hope and your courage"

Thank you all my lovely friends for helping me carry on and get my smile back in the last week. You are all wonderful and I am so grateful. To every single one of you that have given me encouraging words about Vallu and how he is looking, I can't thank you enough for helping me find my strength again.
Small (compared to Vallu) young mare, in a jumping saddle... What a weird feeling!

Got my smile back!
The last three months have not been easy. One of my friends said that I was going through a grief reaction - from feelings of anger, to despair to guilt, to near inconsolable worry. It has been emotional, but I have finally started getting over the guilt of caring for a horse that injured itself. It's been a lot of (mental) work changing this attitude from "I broke him and it's all my fault" to "the horse hurt itself under your care but you did everything you could to help him." But bad situations happen in life, and it is how you deal with it, dust yourself off and carry on again that makes you a stronger person. Am I right? 
Fat pony doing more of his walk work in the outdoor which is very exciting

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