Beacon Hill!

On a cold but sunny early spring Saturday, four of us got our act together and went on a yard hack round Beacon Hill! Luckily Beacon Hill (the one in Leicestershire) is only a twenty minute drive from our yard, so off we went with two horses in a trailer and the other two in the horse box.

And what a lovely, undramatic and peaceful hack it was! It was so nice to be able to go for a long hack without having to do any road work, there were no cars to be seen. Because it is a very popular country park, you can never expect to not bump into others, there are multi purpose tracks which means that horses, cyclists and runners are all allowed to go there. Which is great, but there were several moments when I was so glad I was riding Zu and not Vallu - I don't think Vallu would have coped with the lady springing past us(!) nor the group of highland cattle that came wondering up to us!!
My reaction to someone going "ROOSA SMILE"...
What a lovely way to spend Saturday morning - many thanks to Lili for letting me ride Zubob and Kirsty and Gill for the lovely nattering session, it was worth the cold! 

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