Wonderful Wednesday

Isn't it nice to be noticing the first signs of spring!! On Wednesday I even rode in a long sleeve t shirt for the first time this year!
I had a great time this week with the horses :) I am very lucky to have kind friends who let me ride their horses, so this week I got to ride Zu again. He's so very different to Vallu in so many ways, but I feel very safe and at home on him - possibly because they are both very wide!! We did a lot of trot to walk and halt transitions and a lot of serpentines to try to help him be a bit more supple and responsive to the leg, and after ten minutes there was such a difference in both of us. I felt so much more comfortable again (my back really doesn't like not riding!) and Zu felt like he was just floating. 

Vallu is doing very well, he is very fat and very happy on his holiday :) Now that he is allowed to do 40-50 minutes of walking everyday, I've started doing long reining him to give us a bit of change of routine from just hand walking. We do hand walking up the drive and back (which is actually a mile) pole work, and then long reining. Some weeks when the weather has been good Vallu has gone out in the morning and then again in the afternoon because I know how boring he finds walking - when long reining he tries to trot off and I end up running after him for about 20-30 meters before he can be persuaded to slow down...
And excitingly, we only have around 3 weeks left until he is getting rescanned! How time has flown by, fingers crossed that his leg has healed!
Me now that we are long reining and I get to put matchy on once again!

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