31 Day Social Media Challenge Day 10 - Tips for sorting out your tackroom

It's no secret that tack rooms serve many purposes - storage for tack, but also a place for all the other left over stuff! Which is why no wonder that these spaces can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered. So here are my tips for organising your tack room and storage spaces so that it's easy to keep them tidy:

1. Use plastic containers to organise everything from brushes to first-aid supplies. The best ones in my opinion are the translucent containers which make it super easy and quick to find what you need. I have my turn out boots, overreach boots, bandages and bandage pads in these containers, which makes it all look so much neater!  (I forgot to sweep the hay away, sorry! 🙈)
2. Every year I do a spring clean where I pull out all my stuff onto the floor, clean everything and think about how best to organise everything so that it works in the best way. The BEST thing we did was to use an old wooden wardrobe with shelves, take the doors off it and put it in the barn near the two outdoor stables. It means I can keep my boots, bandages and a couple of rugs in the barn without making a huge mess!

3. We bulk bought hooks and rug racks when we first moved here so every item had a proper place to be AND so that we could keep everything off the floor. This hanging rug rack was the best purchase ever. We can keep the girths, lunge lines, lunging bridles and spurs on it ⤵️
4. Clear out the outdated! Owning less is better (easier said than done!!) but also it's easier to keep on top of it if you have less stuff. I have to do a lot more organising now than if I had less stuff. Again, once a year I get brutal and throw out all that unnecessary or outdated stuff.

5. The "everything has a home" concept - by keeping the minimal amount of your tack and equipment in your tack room, so get a clean and tidy looking space. Yes it might look pretty bare (ours doesn't!) but that’s a good thing in my opinion. It's also easier to keep clean! Our tack room only has bridles, saddles for the horses and our hats and riding boots. There's also a one saddle pad on each saddle rule. Everything else lives in the storage room, where all the rugs, matchy and boots are stored. 
What about you? Do you have tips for keeping your tackroom tidy?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog post so much, I love cleaning tack rooms!!!