Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Next Generation SS18

It's heerrrreeeeeee! πŸ€— My favourite "a little bit out there" with the design choices collection has arrived! I do honestly think that Eskadron's designers must have the most amount of fun when designing the Nici and Next Generation collections because it seems like for these they are much braver in their design choices and really dare to push the boat out! I personally love it, and applaud them. Will I buy them... πŸ€” Maybe not, although the smoking purple looks AMAZING and may end up with me eventually.
Spearmint set - a nice colour but don't think it would suit every colour?

Classic cotton, you can't go wrong with these saddle pads!
THIS fade pad is one of my favourites!
This time the colours are in my opinion quite fun! Although yes, there is once again more navy with the ink blue colour, BUT because of the super fun designs the only 'normal' pad with navy is the cotton. Every other style of pad has either got glitter, gloss, fade or the heart design on it so these are very different to previous designs. What I'm trying to say is, if you are like me and can only have one pad in the one shade of a colour, then these are so different that you are justified in buying it. The spearmint colour (which looks a slightly odd shade in the catalogue photos) is actually a surprisingly nice colour in the real life photos that I've seen. Although I am not a fan of yellow and won't buy any shade of yellow because of Basse (yellow on a grey is not for me!), this would be going straight in my basket if I had a black horse, or even a chestnut. The definite favourite colour of this collection is the LOVELY purplely pink colour called smoking purple πŸ’œ Hubbabubba! This would suit literally each and every single horse. I think if you missed out on orchid mauve, this would be a pretty good alternative. It truly is a shame that I'm on a shopping ban until we've moved back to the UK, it means no shopping for me until mid-July.

This combination is goals! I think smoking purple is such a pretty colour!

I am not too keen on the horse head logo...
But I think the heart logo is beautiful!

What do you think of this collection? Do you like it? Would you buy anything from it?

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