Back in business!

Oh yeah baby! I have my partner in crime back with me! Today Vallu got the all clear from the vet, who said that his leg has improved very well, and that I am allowed to start riding him again. This is the best news of the entire month, if not the year. What an amazing start to April

Vallu's 2 month walking holiday ended this morning when our vet did an ultrasound scan to check his leg. When comparing these images to the ones taken 6 weeks ago, you can really see how much the leg has improved! After scanning Vallu's leg, our vet wanted to see Vallu in motion and to flex the leg to see how it responds, so the vet suggested lunging Vallu. After Monday's explosive ride I rejected the thought of lunging immediately, and so today I got to trot with Vallu with the first in two months - and oh my goodness how amazing it felt!! Although I felt like I was sitting on a time bomb that was ready to explode any moment, I couldn't care less because finally we were trotting! Vallu was not lame and moved well, so after changing the rein, doing big 20m circles and a bit of medium trot down the long side came the crucial flexion test. At this point I was shaking so much, because I was petrified that Vallu would start to show signs of lameness after the flexion. I was close to getting my boy back, and this was our last hurdle. No lameness, Vallu was just rearing to go and carry on trotting! At the end of the indoor I could not see where we were going because of the tears in  my eyes and I just trusted Vallu not to crash into the walls. 

I know that was pretty dramatic, but honestly these last two months have been such an awful emotional roller-coaster that my emotions ran pretty high today.

Within 6 weeks Vallu should be back in full training. The next 6 week back to work plan is in 3 two week stages. The first two weeks are to introduce trot work gently into our riding. We start with 5 minutes of trot work a day and during the two weeks bring this up to 15-20 minutes. During the second two week phase, canter work is bought in. Again, starting with 5 minutes and bringing it up to 10-15 minutes so that by the end of four weeks Vallu should be trotting and cantering 25-35 minutes a day, and the rest walking. After 4 weeks if everything is looking good, the trot and canter can be increased little by little so that at the end of the 6 weeks (14th May), we could start proper training. 

Our chiropractor was tending to Vallu, who then gave me a head massage!
Nelli has been making me feel like a pony rider again. Whilst mother was away on holiday, Nelli developed an allergic reaction which meant that she couldn't be ridden as her skin was broken where the saddle would go. This meant that she had lots of days off on holiday and lots of lunging. Last weekend when I was watching Satu ride Basse I was also walking Nelli. But because she got bored really quickly I then decided to ride her bareback without a bridle. Seems like my inner pony-girl came out! Nelli behaved so well even though she hadn't been ridden for the last five days!!
Evidence of wildness!
Hope you have all had a good day and happy riding everyone!

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