It was a very good day!

Riding Vallu is like sitting on a ticking time bomb. He isn't really concentrating, he just wants to go fast and whenever there is a slightly different noise, he will spook. With the sun warming everything, the snow is starting to melt, including the snow on the roof of the indoor arena. As it melts, some small chunks fall down and make a small noise which can be heard very well inside, resulting in one very jumpy pony! People moving around can also be a very frightening thing, which also means I have an even more explosive horse underneath me.
Nice hind leg action!
 Today we did 5 minutes of trot work, mainly during the long sides and a little bit on a 20 meter circle. 5 minutes flies past so quickly, I felt like I'd only been trotting for about 30 seconds! When Vallu doesn't want to walk forwards, he starts to piaffe and today he produced some pretty nice moves! Tomorrow we can 6 minutes, and I plan on riding him in the morning to test if he is calmer and more relaxed then.

And again, my wild inner ponyclub girl won the day and I had a short walk on Nelli without a saddle and without a bridle! I love this horse to pieces and I owe her everything, without her I wouldn't be riding today. 
Tomorrow I have lesson with Karita Kotikulma, but this time I will be riding Basse! I'm really looking forward to seeing Karita work her magic on Basse, and hopefully I'll get someone to take a video/photos!

This Saturday I will be doing a dressage competition at our neighbour's riding school with Rama. Mother decided to enter me in without consulting or talking to me first so I now have a few days to learn my test and get ready. I was going to complain, but then I decided to just accept the challenge and see how it goes! 
Learning the test!
And not a day goes by without some sort of hassle happening! Today Vallu decided to break his paddock a little bit!
Trying to look totally innocent!
Vallu had managed to break the pole in half so that the wires were on the ground! I'm amazed he didn't decide to just jump over them and wander off for a little walk... Luckily dad managed to fix it in the evening so that tomorrow he can go out again!
The pole should be on top of the wood shown by the pink arrow, not next to it!

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