Spring shopping

I know most of our horses go a bit crazy during spring time; with mares being in seasons and geldings thinking that they're stallions, but I didn't realise that springtime for me and mother means getting rid of all our winter clothes and buying lots of new riding gear and horsey products! Apparently spring does affects the human brain as well...

B Vertigo Camelot fleece rug

This rug is ideal for competitions and clinics, but it's also good for drying your horse after a wash as well as using as a warmer for before and after riding. The microfleece fabric helps transport moisture away quickly from your horse. I use mine for riding Vallu to warm him up before and keep him warm after riding. It is such a beautiful rug, the brown colour is very pretty and the fancy braid at the tail makes it look very posh! Apart from how it looks, one of the best things about this rug is how enormously big it is! Even when Vallu has his saddle on, the rug manages to cover his huge belly (which is no mean feat!)

Horze Avalanche Winter Rugs
Turquoise for Vallu 
Purple for Rama (although it's a full neck instead of a high-neck like in the photo!)
I think Horze's rug colours are just so awful that you just have to start to like them! One of the great thins about spring is when horse shops start to have sales to get rid of the old winter rugs. Horze rugs were -30%, so we managed to save over 70e!

Eskadron Brilliant saddle pad
Part of Eskadron's new Spring/Summer 2013 set, the green Brilliant saddlepad. The colour is just amazing, and this product is apparently flying off the shelves. I'm not normally a green person, but this is such a beautiful colour, and it looks fantastic on any horse. 

Pikeur Lucinda breeches 

Now that we have temperatures ranging at about +10C, it was time to ditch the softshell warm winter breeches, and go out and get some new summer breeches! I absolutely love all of Pikeur's breeches, but these just might become my favorite of all time. The full seat is in dark navy set in against a lovely slate grey. Grey is such a functional colour so all the dirt and dust doesn't show up immediately on it, but if it was just all grey I think it would be a little bit boring. The navy and grey go really nicely together, and the stitching work (as expected from Pikeur) is of great quality.

Have you done any crazy spring shopping recently?

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