And breathe...

It's safe to say that I have finally been able to breathe now that Vallu has been home for a few days and everything is starting to settle down. He arrived Friday midday in the middle of the heatwave, and was absolutely covered in white foam sweat, shaking from head to toe! Poor boy. We quickly washed him off and then put him in his stable where he proceeded to roll for a good ten minutes, during which he managed to bang his left front leg really badly so that swelled up! Gaaah, horses sometimes!! The rest of his legs were swollen a bit too, but I'm not surprised considering how long he'd been travelling for. Thus he had Friday and Saturday just chilling in the paddocks giving him time to settle back into this routine.

On Sunday he'd started to perk up a bit so mum ordered us to go for a hand walk in the indoor just to see how he was doing. And I'm very happy to report that he was more than happy to be going somewhere and doing something! I couldn't keep up with how quickly he was marching and since his legs look 99% better than on Friday, I think I might try to venture back on tomorrow. He has another hand walking session today, this time on our outdoor to see how spooky he is :D

Half giraffe half horse

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