Slowly slowly

The most important thing that I have learnt in the last six months is the fact that time and patience are the key to rehabbing a horse back to work from injury. I'm in the unfortunate position of having to rehab both of my boys who are both suffering from front leg injuries but area of the leg. Which means I have acquired a lot of knowledge about all the tendons and ligaments of horses' front legs, haha. Many months of reading different veterinary articles, blog posts and websites one of the main things that applies to all horses is that they need a lot of time to heal. Neither of the boys' injuries were bad enough to have to think about retirement or anything worse, so we have given both boys lots of time to heal!

Not looking too shabby for 4 months out of work
 But months off means having a heck of a lot of patience. And I admit I'm not the most patient human being, but when it comes to rehabbing both boys back into work, I have been more cautious and given them both longer than what vets have recommended at every stage to try and ensure that both heal fully! So everything is happening at a very slow pace, but both boys are hopefully recovering slowly, slowly. Whilst Basse still have 4/5 weeks of walk work left, Vallu is now on the 'back to work' stage, where every week we get to do more work. I've just had my first ten minutes of trot day and both Vallu and I were exhausted afterwards, especially thanks to the heatwave that we're currently experiencing here!

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