July goals

Well June just flew past! I've never known a month to go so quickly! A lot happened in June, but mostly I've spent my time on working with the boys, trying to get them both adjusted to more work (which they are loving) without pushing them too much too quickly. 

Vallu: Vallu is starting his 15 minutes of trot work today and by the end of the month we should be on  20 minutes of trot and 15 minutes of canter. I cannot wait to get this horse properly going and getting his brain in gear because at the minute he is just going around the arena wherever he wants at whatever speed he wants and there's not a lot I can do ahah! Yesterday was the first ride where it didn't feel like I was riding a just broken in 3 year old, as we managed a sedate trot with some leg yields and figures of 8 without a major fight #success
Every ride with Vallu...
Basse: B has another month of walking to go. Even though the vet was very positive at our last clinic visit and suggested trying trot I think walking for another month won't harm him at all. He's feeling really good in the walk, but I'd rather not push my luck and ask for trot too soon. I've been in a full over protective mode for the last few weeks with him, being really careful with kind of work I have done with him on what day so that there isn't the same amount of stress/pressure on the leg every day. I think B has been loving this, because our week normally has two days off, one day of hand walking, two days of lateral work, one pole work day and a hacking out day. Who says you can't do a lot of varied work in walk!? ;) The aim for July is to increase his work by one extra day so that he gets only one day off like the others and if all goes well then also stop the hand walking and do three days of lateral work.

We have another check up visit at the vet's at the end of the month to see how the leg is doing and if all goes well and it's healed even more, we might possibly get the green light to start trot work! :D

What has everyone else got planned for July?

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