WOW saddle fitting

Many of my readers will know of my love for WOW saddles and some of you can remember how excited and happy I was to get a WOW saddle for Vallu just over two years ago. I'm incredibly fortunate to have mum as a fully qualified WOW saddle fitter.

Basse had been a bit 'girthy' for a little over a week. He's never been a horse that shows any signs of discomfort when putting a saddle on, so him pulling his ears back and generally looking grumpy got me immediately worried. Turns out that because he has lost muscle since he's stopped working (no surprise) and changed shape, the saddle needed more air in all of the air bags. The Flair system of the WOW saddles means that there are four air bags that provide a soft and even bearing surface without pressure points and unlike a flocked saddle adjustments to the amount of air in the air bags can be made whilst the rider sits on the horse!
The 'tubes' that allow you to fill up the air bags
We're also going to take away the sheepskin pad that he's been wearing for extra comfort because with it under the saddle the head plate feels too tight, but then without it the saddle looks like it fits perfectly and all our other head plates (sizes 1, 3 and 4) look like they wouldn't fit him. Next checkup is whenever it feels like the saddle doesn't feel that good or then after 3 months to make sure everything is okay with the saddle.

Next job is to check Vallu's at the end of this month since it will have been months since it was last checked and by the end of the month Vallu will have been in work for 6 weeks and he has already started to change shape (thank god! #dietisworking) 

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