Actually getting to ride!

Rehabbing a big horse like Vallu back into proper work takes a lot of time! More than I had really realised. We have just finished a week of 15 minutes of trot work and 15 minutes of canter, which is actually a long time but currently the time is just spent on trotting and cantering around the arena or doing big circles! But the basics now feel really good, so now we are moving onto lateral work both in trot and in canter (leg yields, shoulder in and half passes) and single flying changes! 
 We're at that really awkward stage where I really need help - I can feel the 8 months without lessons really affecting me, but at the same time it's just not worth going for a lesson when we can do trot and canter circles for 30 minutes but nothing else! I think after a month of lateral work and further fitness work we can start to look for a trainer (my old one is moving to Germany to go work for my brother #badtiming) and see if we could begin with short 30 minute lessons before increasing them to the full hour ones.
Anyone else in that awkward stage of needing a training session but not just being fit enough for it yet?

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