Victory over fear!

I'm SO proud of myself!! I managed to convince myself to go for a hack in the woods with Vallu on our own Friday evening!
I knew that the yard would be quiet on a Friday evening so it would be highly unlikely for us to bump into anyone on the hack and since the weather felt just right = slightly cloudy, windy enough for there not to be bugs but not too windy so that Vallu wouldn't like it, I gave myself the proverbial kick up the bum and declared to my parents that I was going for a hack and that they were to come rescue me if I called them or wasn't back in 30 minutes!

I don't know what it is about that hack and why whenever it's the 'first time' that I'm going alone with Vallu that I have to really psych myself up for it. Vallu loves hacking out nowadays, he's been so good hacking out in England and I have managed to sit to his spooks with a 99% success rate so rationally it makes no sense why I was so scared.
Anyway, I tacked up and off we went before I could chicken out. I'd decided that just for my peace of mind I was going to have the draw reins on. Not use them if everything was calm, use them if Vallu decided to do any fire breathing spaceship impressions. Around half way round the sand track I dared myself to try trotting for a bit - even a few strides of trot would be great and trot we did!! For about a minute, until it all got too exciting and Vallu threw in some really impressive bucks and I declared I was done with trotting hahah! After going round the track once without any major catastrophe, we 'cooled down' walking around the paddocks. It's still not something that I find entirely relaxing with him, but at least I stayed on and next time I can use this success to stay a bit calmer.
Anyone else done anything exciting recently?

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