Equ StreamZ

We have been very loyal customers of the Back on Track products so much so that we have boots for all of the horses and mesh rugs for three of them and we also have the several of the products for people too. However, when I came across Equ StreamZ I was willing to try to see if it was any better/different to the BoT products!

StreamZ Global products contain a mixture of natural rubbers and compounds known as ‘StreamZ Technology’. StreamZ products are unique and differ greatly from more traditionally used products such as ‘magnetic pulsing devices’ and ‘hologram ion balancers.’ Magnets create a pulsating effect that increases the electrical conductivity of the blood and increasing the amount of ions (atoms that carry a charge of electricity). Although the StreamZ bands contain a magnetic field they do not create this pulsating effect but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy – magnetic resonance technology so in stead of pulsing, StreamZ spins! (Taken from their website)

Whether or not it works, it will be interesting to see if it has any affect on Basse. We chose to try the bands out on Basse because he is the most 'injured' and stiff of our horses so if the bands do help him it should be easy to spot! I wanted to blog about this product because I don't think a lot of people know about them as well as they do about the other major magnetic boots brands and I would suggest having a read about the products and the technology behind them!

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