De-spooking Sunday!

Well what else have you got to do a horribly windy Sunday when it feels and sounds like the roof of the indoor arena is about to fly off? Put a couple of tarpaulin out as well as a Christmas tree in the middle of the arena and go ride Zu at the same time as Lili (from Brooksby Dressage) is riding Fons!

Lili has been on a de-spooking mission with Fons lately to get his head in gear when having to deal with different scary situations when not at home - either training at new places or competitions. It's been amazing to watch the change in both the rider and horse in just a few weeks. So somehow I got roped into riding Zu whilst she was schooling Fons and then we ended up both having to walk, trot and canter over the tarpaulin pieces and around the Christmas tree! I think there might be plans to go buy some plastic fake plants and put them around the indoor too...  Zu was such a good man, I was very glad I wasn't riding Vallu!!

"Sweets please!"
Major points to Vallu though, he marched over to the tarpaulin with no hesitation and proceeded to walk over it with no major encouragement needed. The Christmas tree was never going to be problem because he's seen plenty of those in his lifetime ;) It was only when I field over the tarpaulin and it looked different did I have to really encourage Vallu to trust me and walk over it. I'm very proud! 
"I'm not entirely sure about this..."


5 weeks done!

Somehow, we have managed to already pass the 5 weeks mark! Vallu ended up doing an extra two weeks of box rest because of the atrocious winter weather, which I'm sure the vet would have been more than happy to know about :D and I'm sure it was good for his leg, just not good for me or anyone else who had to deal with extra craycray Vallu... After that he's been allowed turn out in the mornings for a few hours (in his extra small paddock!) and this week we are on 30 minutes of walking in the afternoons. His leg hasn't suddenly started looking any worse after being turned out thank goodness, so everyone is a lot happier and calmer. It also means Vallu has a much nicer daily routine which has made a big difference in him, he has really chilled out and settled down :)

5 out of 12 weeks is nearly half way there - fingers crossed!!