First hack out (well nearly...)

So it wasn't a proper Sunday afternoon hack, but it was pretty close. I took Vallu out for a 45 minute walk on the bridle paths surrounding the yard, and he behaved so well. I decided to take him out with a bridle on and lunge line, so that I'd have more control in case he went crazy, but I could've used a halter and lead rope since it was literally like taking a dog out for a walk.

 It was such a beautiful day, the scenery was great, and I kept stopping to take photos like a tourist
Vallu's stop taking photos of me face :D

This week or weekend I'm hoping to take him out again, but this time riding! But we'll see how that goes, hopefully another horse can come with us so they can be a calming influence ;)


Finally riding

FINALLY I've been able to ride Vallu this week from Tuesday onwards, which has been great. It felt like ages since I'd last ridden, even though it had only been a week. Vallu has really settled down well at his new home, and is up to his usual tactics of making everyone fall in love with him. The first thing that the farrier said (who on Thursday checked out his feet) was "now that's a handsome horse" :D

At the beginning of the week I was still so ditzy that I forgot my boots at home, so that meant I rode in my trainers! Vallu loved it, since I also forgot my whip at the stable and so he got to jog along with me having no choice but to just sit there and enjoy a rare ride of laziness.

Today after riding underneath the solarium
Wednesday and Thursday went much better, just because I was equipped better with my riding boots and whip! I hardly even need to use my spurs and whip with Vallu, but he knows when I don't have them, and then nothing constructive will come out of that ride. As the yard we're at has two outdoor arenas, as well as two indoor arenas, I'm really spoilt for choice. So far I've managed to use both the outdoor arenas and the other indoor. Riding outside has been a bit of a challenge as all Vallu wants to do is to just stare at everything that's happening around him. On Tuesday we spent 20 minutes faffing about because Vallu wanted to stare at the cows in the field which were miles away! 

On Friday Vallu had a day off simply because I was suffering from Fresher's Flu. I spent an hour grooming him and then walking him around the outdoor arenas, showing all the jumps to him! Progress has been made, since Vallu was now quite happy to go check out all of the jumps.
Not a happy bunny :D


Getting started again

With Valllu's temperature appearing to go down back to his normal range, I decided to lightly lunge Vallu on Sunday. I normally work horses on the lunge for about 20 to 30 minutes, but this time I only did 15 minutes with him, with the side reins super long so that he could move how he wanted to, with nothing really restricting him. And he was really good! A bit more calm than usual, but I'm putting that down to him still being a bit tired. 

After lunging him on Sunday, we went out for a walk around the arenas, and behind one of the indoor arenas is an outdoor eventing water jump, which Vallu persistenly refuses to go close to!

I refuse to come any closer

This is apparently very scary for a dressage horse
Vallu also went out in his new paddock for the first time on Sunday! The girls said that for the first five minutes he was really spooky and not really sure what to do with himself, but after that he chilled and kept his head down for the next few hours.


Vallu in UK Day #1

Vallu has started to settle down at his new home, which is lovely to see. Dad and I have visited him twice today, so that we can check his temperature and see how he is doing. Yesterday evening Vallu had a temperature of 38.8°, but today it had dropped down to 37.2°C so everything is hopefully okay.

 Today there was a dressage and show jumping competitions going on, so as all of the indoor and outdoor arenas were taken, we were walking around the lorry park. I was expecting him to be freaking and spooking since there was so much going on, but instead he was so relaxed and looking at everything going on. I'm so impressed with him, it appears like he has really grown up.
Vallu checking out the competition
In the evening we visited Vallu again, and since the competitions were over, we were able to walk around the outdoor arenas. It was such a great sunny and warm evening, and for the first time in months I felt properly relaxed, not having to stress about anything. Vallu was behaving like his normal self, spooking at the shadows and staring at nothing in the distance.

Staring at something scary in the distance 
The view from the outdoor arenas
Fingers crossed this is the start of a great autumn!

We're in Nottingham!

Vallu finally arrived at our new home! At long last, our seemingly endless move from Finland to Nottingham is over! Although Vallu was meant to arrive yesterday, ETA apparently didn't have enough horses to transport to this area yesterday, so he spent all day at ETA's yard in Dover and they decided to deliver him today.
After unpacking our massive bags, dad and I took Vallu out for a walk around the yard, to see all the outdoor and indoor arenas, as well as the eventing jump set that is surrounded by a shallow puddle. Vallu was rather brave, especially in the indoor arena that had the massive jump course set up in there!

Tomorrow we'll go visit  him twice, to walk him. If all goes well, and Vallu starts to become more energetic I'll start exercising him, by lunging and hacking out and we'll see how it goes on from there! I''m just so glad this is over, and Vallu can start to settle down in his new home.


Last day for Vallu

Vallu left the stables yesterday evening with ETA, and hopefully if all goes according to plan we will see him happy and healthy on Thursday afternoon!

Vallu has gone to the walker every morning for 30-45minutes which I think is really good for him. The slight swelling in his legs goes down and he gets to warm up his muscles. After the walker, he then went out for 1 to 2 hours.

Vallu's I refuse to move stance and face
Yesterday afternoon before he left, I decided to lunge him in order to get him really loose and relaxed throughout his entire body so that he could travel in the best possible way, and hopefully not get too stiff during his journey.

After Vallu had left, we went to visit some other horses at a yard close to home.
Rosie the shetland ♥

I'm leaving Germany tomorrow morning, my flight from Dusseldorf leaves at 7.20am (uuurgh, really early start...) Dad and I will meet up at Heathrow before renting a car and driving up to Nottingham to meet Vallu at his new stable.