Trends to watch out for: PS of Sweden AW18

Well PS of Sweden certainly got the better of every other equestrian fashion brand by being the first to release their autumn winter 2018 collection already in the end of July! Interesting that the company feels the need to release their collection so early, but heyho at least we get to see this amazing collection sooner rather than later!๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚
If classical elegance is what you've set your heart on, then look no further than the PS of Sweden's new autumn winter collection. With colours clearly inspired by gem stones (emerald, merlot, deep sapphire and onyx) and with lovely brown autumnal tones (ice coffee, prosecco, chocolate) I'm pretty sure there is something for everyone in this collection. ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒฐ The more I look at ice coffee, the more I feel the need to have it... Luckily my collection can't grow any more until our barn is re-built and I have proper storage again.


Getting settled in

Since our arrival last Friday in the early hours of the morning after a 15 hour journey, the horses and I have been settling down into our new routine.
 We've kept it pretty similar to what our routine was back home, so they get fed at 6am, turned out around 9am during which we do the morning stables and then they come in about 1pm and get fed again. But instead of being ridden from 2pm onwards and doing the evening stables at 7pm, they're now going back out at about 3pm, some staying out whilst others are being ridden and then all coming back inside 8pm or on good days even as late as at 9pm. And they LOVE it! And I love having the chance to be able to turn the horses at much as they want to, like plenty of people have said "it's important that horse get to be horses" ๐Ÿ’š


Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Platinum 2018 collection

I’m ALWAYS so excited about this collection, because Eskadron’s designers always bring their best designs to the table with the Platinum collections. And once again Eskadron hasn’t disappointed! I think fashion bloggers feel the same excitement when there are new collections released as I do when I first see Eskadron’s Platinum collection. It’s always a delight for your eyes!

In this collection, the colours are silk grey, nude, blossom and black. Simple? Yes. Boring? No! ๐ŸšจUnpopular opinion alert ๐Ÿšจ I don’t actually even want to see lots of bright colours in the Platinum collection because I don’t think this is the right collection for it. I much prefer having the selection of mainly muted colours with one or two brighter colours available if you want that choice. Having said that, I have pre-ordered the blossom cotton emblem pad and matching bandages as I thought it was the best one of the collection!! The fabric with its cool-dry lining means that this is hands down the best pad during summer as it wicks away sweat like nothing else! I also love the emblem embroidery on the left side AND a triple cord of binding of which is glittery. ✨ 

But back to the collection - I thought it was also nice to see the return of the velvet crystal pad which was in my opinion one of the original collection’s best pads. But the ultimate highlight of this collection for me personally are the boots! Especially the black faux fur bootswhich have a glittermesh fabric, hard shell inside and the easy-care faux fur inside lining. The same with the over reach boot with the faux fur trim and glitter on the Velcro tab.  

It’s always fascinating to see what new things a company as old as Eskadron can come up with. After more than twenty years of in the business, you’d think they wouldn’t have anything new to do but Eskadron always keeps creating new styles. In this Platinum collection, they’ve brought out the new Mesh Glitter saddle pad (which is only available in in black and nude – annoying as I would have LOVED to have seen in the blossom colour too!) It’s made from a “glittermesh upper fabric” which is new and will be interesting to see how well it does in comparison to Eskadron’s other pads.


We’re back in the UK

Finally!! After 6 weeks of shelter at my brother’s yard in Germany, I am OVER THE MOON to be at home and even more happy about the fact that I once again have Wi-Fi, a bath, my own bed and that I don’t everagain have to try to get the neighbours to understand that I don’t speak German! The lack of Wi-Fi has nearly killed me (not really, I quite enjoyed the social media break but it just made blogging impossible) and the heat and humidity have made riding and training unmanageable on the worst days.

So here is a quick round up of how the horses are doing ⤵️
Basse has spent the last 6 weeks recovering from various ailments, which include lymphangitis, an infection on his front leg as well as a cough from dust allergies which has meant that I’ve ridden about ten times. Aside from those days, he’s spent his days being turned out in the mornings, going on the horse walker on the afternoons and being lunged to keep his fitness up, without making him work too hard or aggravating the cough. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to ride him more, but on the super-hot days I was glad to be doing less riding with having 3 other horses to ride every day! The vet got to know mother and I well as he was looking at one of the horses at least each week…