Getting settled in

Since our arrival last Friday in the early hours of the morning after a 15 hour journey, the horses and I have been settling down into our new routine.
 We've kept it pretty similar to what our routine was back home, so they get fed at 6am, turned out around 9am during which we do the morning stables and then they come in about 1pm and get fed again. But instead of being ridden from 2pm onwards and doing the evening stables at 7pm, they're now going back out at about 3pm, some staying out whilst others are being ridden and then all coming back inside 8pm or on good days even as late as at 9pm. And they LOVE it! And I love having the chance to be able to turn the horses at much as they want to, like plenty of people have said "it's important that horse get to be horses" 💚
 It's a weird feeling trying to get everything unpacked whilst simultaneously waiting for the building works to start. Our barn is being replaced by a new one with 5 stables with tack and feed rooms, and the building work for that starts next month. Which means if we unpack everything it all needs to be packed away again in a month's time, or we unpack the bare minimum and just move the stuff once the building work starts! Until then, we have our temporary external stables and our temporary tack room and we can concentrate on making the house more like ours 🏡
Im sure in the winter I'll be moaning about the weather, the mud and how miserable riding in the rain on the outdoor arena is, but for now I am over the moon with our little slice of heaven! 🌙

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