My most loved equestrian products of 2019

And just like that, we have stumbled to the end of another year which means somehow it's time for a end of year round-up post! How exciting! So rather than do the "this is what has happened in the last 12 months" post that I've normally done, I thought I'd share a handful of the equestrian products that I've been using obsessively over the past twelve months and have been seriously impressed with. These products I can't imagine not having as part of my equestrian day to day life, they are the heroes that get me through the months without wanting to give up! Without further ado, here they are...

1. Schockemohle bridles
I am SO pleased that I ended up getting the boys new bridles from Schockemohle. Whilst I would have loved to jump on the PS of Sweden bridle bandwagon, having seen and felt the difference between the two I'm content that Schockemohle was the right choice to go for. Both boys are much more comfortable in their bridles.
2. Spooks clothing
Warm, comfy and stylish! I've always loved Spooks clothing but for some reason I never really invested in any of them until this year when really, the majority of my riding clothes has been Spooks. From t-shirts to their super warm gilets I have been loving everything.

3. Kingsland boots
I have used and owned a lot of different boots for all our horses and I must admit I'm very much in love with these boots and how soft they are. I'm most impressed with the fact that a set of full size front and back boots will fit on all three of mine, from skinny legs Melisse to chunky monkey Vallu - which is a feat that no other brand has yet managed to do!
4. Pikeur and Kingsland hats
Although i've always been a head band type of girl, this year has been the year that I have accepted that hats keep you a lot warmer in winter! Both Pikeur and Kingsland have done lovely bobble hats which suit even my big head 💁🏼


My Black Friday bargains

Well wasn't that a good Black Friday this year? I had a great time hunting around for some cheeky bargains, here's what I got ⤵️

Aztec Diamond Equestrian clothing:
Aztec Diamond Equestrian clothing really truly are my most comfortable equestrian clothes. Their leggings have spoiled me - I find myself getting grumpy whenever it's too chilly to wear these and having to wear actual breeches. I live in these throughout the summer as they are so lightweight. So of course I grabbed another colour to add to my leggings collection. I was very excited to try out their base layers and their sport bra, both of which I have been very pleased with. In fact Im wearing the base layer as I type this, and as a curvy girl I'm impressed at how happy I feel in a top which is designed to be tighter than tops that I normally go for!

Schockmöhle Venice double bridle:
With Horze doing nearly £50 off it's RRP and having been SO impressed with Vallu's new Schockmöhle snaffle bridle, I could not resist getting Erik a new double bridle. His old one isn't actually old at all, but it was bought in a rush when he first arrived with us and doesn't fit him as well as I'd like. Although I was convinced that a PS of Sweden would be the best for him, having seen them in real life I must admit that I really do prefer the Schockmöhle bridles - the head piece is so sot and then noseband is perfectly designed.👌🏻Despite taking forever to be dispatched and being packaged in a square cardboard box (poor bridle was squished af... 🙄) I love the bridle and how happy Erik is in it!